Zoe Fertility Clinic | IUI
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Intrauterine Insemination

Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) simply means putting prepared sperm into the uterus.


IUI is a simple form of treatment that helps a higher number of better quality sperm reach the womb, which will increase the chances of fertilisation.

Could IUI treatment be right for me?
You can only have IUI treatment if you or your partner have healthy Fallopian tubes. Once we’ve carefully assessed your fertility and taken you through all the necessary tests, we might recommend IUI as part of your treatment plan if:


    1. You/your partner have a borderline low sperm count or reduced motility
    2. You’re unable to have sex with your partner because of disability, injury or a psychosexual problem
  • You’re using donated sperm in your treatment
  • You’re a female couple or single woman
  • You have unexplained fertility problems.


We time IUI treatment to coincide with ovulation, using blood or urine tests and ultrasound to carefully monitor the ovulation cycle.

What does IUI involve?

We time IUI treatment to coincide with ovulation, using blood or urine tests and ultrasound to carefully monitor the ovulation cycle. If needed, we might also trigger ovulation with medication and then time the procedure to take place 36 hours later.

Before IUI treatment begins we’ll prepare a high-quality semen sample in the lab – (the sperm are specially washed),

whether this is yours or a donor’s, separating fast-moving sperm from the less active.

Then, using a catheter and speculum, we pass the sperm sample into the cervix in a short and simple procedure; you or your partner shouldn’t experience any more discomfort than you would at a smear test.

Risks of IUI

  • The chance of multiple births is increased if you take fertility medication when having IUI.

Benefits of IUI

  • IUI is a good option for single women and same sex couples who don’t have fertility issues but who need donor sperm
  • IUI is the lowest cost form of assisted reproduction treatment
  • There is no egg collection involved in IUI meaning that there is no invasive procedure and sedation is not required

Success with IUI

Whilst IUI is a less invasive and less expensive option than IVF, pregnancy rates from IUI are lower than IVF. Reasons include the fact that there is no monitoring of embryo development or selection of the most viable embryo as we can do with IVF.

The success of IUI depends on two main factors:


  • The reason IUI is being performed. If IUI is being used to help lesbian couples or single women using donor sperm there isn’t necessarily a fertility issue preventing them from becoming pregnant.
  • Whether it is carried out in a drug stimulated or natural (drug free) cycle