Zoe Fertility Clinic | So Pleased With My Results
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So Pleased With My Results

In 2012, I went to sperm test and the result came back as follows:
Sperm count – 22 million
Motility – 50
Mature DNS – 8
Immature DNS – 92

The Doctor informed me that I only have 10% chances of impregnating my woman.
In August 2013, I consulted with Zoe, after 5 months of using medication from Zoe Clinic, I went for another test and the results came back as follows:
Sperm count – 37 million
Motility – 55
Mature DNS – 40
Immature DNS – 60
Am still on medication and strongly believe there will be much more improvement in few months’ time.

I would definitely recommend the medication to anyone with low sperm count.

Kind regards,